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Web site maintenance

All sites need regular maintenance and updates to ensure they consistently look fresh, provide relevant content and up-to-date infomation, thereby ensuring visitors have a reason to return on a frequent basis. This service is available on a daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand basis.

Another option is to contract out more advanced maintenance to LoopyDog Web Design, and assign simple changes to existing inhouse staff. We can offer training to your staff on how to on web site maintenance (see below).


You may wish to move your web site maintenance inhouse, but don't have the skills available to achieve this task. We can organise and run training courses for your staff, either groups or individuals, guiding them through the process of updating and creating new pages on your site.

Registration of your domain name

Registering a domain name name will incur an annual cost of between NZ$20-NZ$50, dependent on the type of domain name you are registering (e.g. .nz, .com, .name, .biz) and also who you register it with. There are also companies which offer free domain name registration as long as you host your web site with them for a year. We can provide you with information on some of the different packages and prices available, and register your domain name for you

Web site hosting

We can arrange hosting for your web site. Charges by hosting companies normally start at approximately NZ$10 per month for simple web page hosting. Once again, we can provide you with details of various hosting packages, arrange hosting and upload your web site to their servers.

Search engine submission

In order for people searching the web to be able to find your site it needs to be submitted to various search engines. A good design will include keywords on each page in order to improve the ranking that page receives when listed on a search engine results page. Your URL (the web address) can be submitted to the major national and international search engines to be included in their databases.

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