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How much does a web site cost?

This question really belongs in the same hard-to-answer category as the "How long is a piece of string?" question. There are many variables which determine the price of creating (or re-designing) a web site including - number of pages, complexity of the design and the availability of content such as images and text in a digital format.

That said, a simple, small web site (approx 1-5 pages) can start from NZ$500. If you would like a quote please complete the Inquiry Form and we will contact you within two working days with a more definite price after accessing your specific needs.

There are also discounted prices for community organisations and schools, please note this on the Inquiry Form.

Other related costs to consider

As well as the cost of the design of the web site there are two other potential costs (depending on your situation) to consider - registering your domain name and hosting your site on a web server.

Registering a domain name name will incur an annual cost of between NZ$20-NZ$50. This is dependent on the type of domain name you are registering (e.g. .nz, .com, .name, .biz) and also who you register it with. There are also companies which offer free domain name registration as long as you host your web site with them for a year.

Availability of domain names can be checked online - at Domainz for .nz domain names, and at Register.com for other domain names. LoopyDog Web Design can register your domain name for you if required.

The second cost will be for a company to host your web site. Once again, there is a large variance in what is charged with costs starting from NZ$10 per month for simple web page hosting. LoopyDog Web Design can provide you with details of hosting packages with a number of providers, arrange hosting and upload your web site to their servers.

Any inquiries, feedback or comments please contact: webmaster@loopydog.com
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