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Selling your home - custom made website including interactive floorplanAre you missing out of the benefits of your own Help Desk?

At Loopydog Software Support we realise that it’s a tough job running a business and IT may not be one of your strengths. Let us take those tedious tasks off your to-do list and complete them for you. We can assist by:

  • analysing and summarising your business data, and presenting it in a report with table and graphs;
  • creating or maintaining your website ;
  • building database applications and, if necessary, integrating them with your website;
  • assistance with common business software including Excel, Word, Outlook, Dreamweaver and Crystal Reports (by appointment)

Never fear, we talk in plain English so you don’t need to be a computer expert to understand us!

If you live in the Lower Hutt or Wellington area we are happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your needs. However, if you are located outside of the region we are still able to assist you. Our Frequently Asked Questions page may answer most of your questions, but if you need more information just specify your requirements on the Inquiry Form in order to receive a personalised quote or just some more information about getting help for your business.

IT help without the geek-factor!

Any inquiries, feedback or comments please contact: webmaster@loopydog.com
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