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Loopydog Web Design Services can offer you a wide range of services based on the unusual mixture of print and web design experience, combined with a proficiency in computer systems support, development and maintenance. Some of the key skills available to you as a result of this experience are:

  • IT business degree and Diploma in business (E Business)
  • Eight years in the IT industry
  • Three years' experience in web design, including site creation, maintenance, redesign; creating web graphics and animations for a large, local organisation.
  • Able to provide training courses on how to create and maintain web sites and graphics.
  • Awareness of key issues involved in designing web sites, such as accessibility and usability, image optimisation and search engine optimisation.
  • Ability to build and maintain robust databases, and write complex data queries. These databases can also be incorporated into a web site allowing for dynamic web pages which are easily updateable.
  • Over seven years' experience in print design - including advert and page layout, graphics, photo manipulation and promotional work. Awarded "Highly Commended" in the 1998 New Zealand Newspapers Association Advertising Awards.

View our portfolio for examples of sites which have recently been designed by Loopydog Web Design Services.

Any inquiries, feedback or comments please contact: webmaster@loopydog.com
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